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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

0 PES2011 PC PATCH BRAZUKAS 2014 v2.2 e update 3.0 Posted by pes-patch On March - 5 - 2011

OF updated until 02.15.2011, when his Brazukas Update (Updates below)
Leagues and teams for World Cup: English, Brazilian A and B, Spanish, Italian, 2011 Libertadores, Champions League,
European and Brazilian uniforms Updated 2010/2011,
Classical selections released,
Classical Selections released,
Over 400 Faces and Hair for Brazilian players,
Pack with 26 balls,
Pack with 50 cleats,
Pack Cries of the Twisted Brasileiras (included in the patch ...)
Pack the Stadiums (separate from the patch ...)
Grasslands Stadiums Pack for default (separate Patch ...)
Score by Stranxk SporTV,
Graphics in HD (high definition)
30 Menus / Issues (Download the extras menu, and enter the Gallery menu)
kitserver 10.1.0 compatible LODMixer by Robbie & Juce,
and many other news ...
OF OnLine will be available in an upcoming Update
BRAZUKAS 2014 v2.2 :

Update 3.0 :

REQUIREMENTS FOR INSTALLATION: * Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 installed and updated with the Konami Patches 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 and 2.0 database (by the game menu "Extra Content"). Download here: Konami 1.1, 1.2 Konami, Konami 1.3 * Video Card compatible with the game, * DirectX 9 or higher installed (with your dll: d3dx9_37.dll, D3dx_43.dll, D3dx10_37.dll folder on your system). DirectX: Click here * Runs on Windows Operating System XP, Vista or Seven (32 and 64bit).
PATCH BRAZUKAS2014 - v.2.2 This patch replaces ALL PREVIOUS VERSIONS ...
BEFORE INSTALLATION: Delete the folder "Brazukas" located in the folder where you installed PES2011 and the shortcut on your desktop, if you do not have Brazukas installed, needs no change, just do the installation.
After the installation check if kitserver was activated for the executable: "Brazukas.exe", many users report problems faces and uniforms because they are not using our executable.
IMPORTANT: Due to relink files and configuration issues official use only Brazuka for proper operation.
"CORRECTION" Fixed: Libertadores 2011, Structure of alloys, Guarani, removed the stages that were Brs Bugando the twisted
New uniforms: Santos, America MG, Cruzeiro and Atletico Mineiro.
Bundesliga released.
"CONSIDERATIONS" "Our focus in this update was to fix the base of the patch, riding the best setting to minimum possible bugs, we focus on the next update will update the file and fix the Option so that we have the players closer to the reality ..."
PATCH BRAZUKAS2014 - v.2.2 Serial Setup: BRA-2014-0203-2011
UPDATE v.3.0 REQUIRED BEFORE INSTALLING THE PATCH BRAZUKAS2014 - v.2.2 (Released changing the structures of alloys without bugs, update Castings of club and national teams, New kits, New Faces, New Banners Stadiums, Libertadores 2011, OF adjusted until 02/15/2011 and so on ...)
General issue: Hiphop, Joatan Show Man OF: Hiphop, Joatan Man Show, Yuri, Ademir, Noronha_Man and Muller, Facemaker: Leonardo Cesar (Clement Leo), Sergio and Diego Villalobos, Kitmaker: MP, Junior SS, Muller, Ludeica, Alysson and Nando, Logos (Shields): Fernando, Junior SS and Yuri, Menu Screens: Hiphop, Junor SS Joatan Man Show and Muller, Music Pack: Fabricio.
Other credits are included with the patch Brazukas2014. Our special thanks the crowd below: Juce & Robbie -> (Kitserver) goldorakiller -> (PRO-EVO Editing Studio 2011) w! ld @ -> (PES 2011 Editor) -> (PES Ultimate Editor) Michael17Widzew -> (League Map Editor)


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:42 :43 :44 :45
:46 :47 :48 :49
:50 :51 :52 :53
:54 :55 :56 :57
:58 :59 :60 :61
:62 :63

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