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Monday, March 28, 2011

0 Game FIFA Online 2 Indonesia!

Game FIFA Online 2 Indonesia!
Hi football fans and FIFA lovers in Indonesia!

Great news for you! Our FIFA Online 2 page for Indonesian gamers is up. You can now create your IAHPassport ID on and start to kick off IAHGames's FIFA Online 2. Feel and enjoy the excitement of FIFA Online 2 World Cup Mode together with all the events that you don't want to miss. So hurry and register right now!

Hi penggemar sepakbola dan pecinta FIFA diseluruh Indonesia!

Kabar baik untuk Anda! Halaman FIFA Online 2 kami untuk gamers di Indonesia telah up. Anda sudah dapat membuat ID IAHPassport di link ini dan memulai kick off dalam FIFA Online 2 IAHGames. Rasakan dan nikmati serunya FIFA Online 2 World Cup Mode dengan berbagai macam event yang tentu tidak ingin Anda lewatkan. Jadi cepatlah dan daftarkan diri Anda sekarang juga!


New Game - FIFA ONLINE 2 Indonesia 2011

I and (certainly) all fans of football-based simulation game worth rejoicing in the presence of the new game FIFA ONLINE 2 in Indonesia. Asia's biggest online gaming is finally present in the Indonesian language. Of course this is exciting for gamers who have difficulty with foreign languages ​​(English, red) when playing FIFA ONLINE 2.

Of the various sources mentioned that the 2011 FIFA ONLINE 2 Indonesia Indonesia distributed by IAH Games. Distributor of new games has also been bringing the popular online games like World of Warcarft, Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, and Grand Theft Auto IV.

FIFA Online 2 Indonesia provide a realistic game and special features, such as the Ultimate mode where gamers put the reputation and League Points (in-game currency) and the winner will get everything.

New Game - FIFA ONLINE 2 Indonesia 2011

In addition to providing a dedicated technical support and select local content that are carefully designed for gamers Indonesia, IAHGames is committed to involving the local gaming community.

"When we first launched the FIFA Online 2 here in June 2010, we promised to the players game in Indonesia that we will launch the Indonesian version of the game if enough gamers who asks. Indonesia has asked and we listened to their requests, "said General Manager of Online Games, Mr. Jonathon Sze.

FIFA Online 2 is an online game can be played free online game but the players can improve their team faster by buying various items in the game.

Game items can be purchased with cash charging points for their gaming account by using vouchers FIFA Online 2, which can be found in the shops in general. The use of gaming vouchers deliberately kept simple and similar to the steps normally used to recharge with pre-paid phone card.

FIFA Online 2 Players can build their own soccer team using players and teams that exist in the real world. For example, the latest computer game players in 2011 is to install the idol of their football players such as Wayne Rooney and Fernando Torres in a team of their dreams.

The players can also choose to play in single play mode or play against other gamers online. FIFA Online 2 began to be played in the Indonesian version in April 2011.


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