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Thursday, February 24, 2011

0 Download Microsoft Office 2010 Fitur Baru, Update

Download Microsoft Office 2010 Fitur Baru, Update

Microsoft kept the details of its next iteration of Office pretty closely guarded up until the release of the Technical Preview in conjunction with the opening of the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) July 13th Now, with the software in the hands of thousands of Microsoft partners, MVPs, and other “selected testers,” the cat is out of the bag. I was told by my MVP lead at Microsoft to blog about it to my heart’s content.
My first impression was that Office 2010 is going to be to Office 2007 what Windows 7 is to Vista. Although personally I liked both of them, Vista and Office 2007 inspired an inordinate number of complaints from consumers and IT folks alike. Maybe the changes were a little too drastic or maybe it’s just that the timing wasn’t right. Whatever the reasons, many people skipped the new OS and apps and stuck with Office 2003 on XP.
After using Office 2010 extensively for the last couple of weeks, I’m finding more and more to like about it. One big change is that this version of Office comes in a 64-bit version, so those running a 64-bit OS can take full advantage of 64-bit performance and stability. Keeping in mind that this is beta software and some things could change before the final release, here are the top 10 features that I think will make Office 2010 worth the upgrade.

Fitur-fitur ter Baru dan update Microsoft Office 2010 :
  1. The Ribbon
  2. Office button options
  3. Outlook improvements
  4. Easier screenshots
  5. Photo/video/graphics in Word and PowerPoint
  6. Drag-and-drop navigation pane
  7. Open in Protected View
  8. Excel sparklines and slicers
  9. OneNote improvements
  10. Simultaneous editing

Download Download Microsoft Office 2010 


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